Upcoming Introduction of New EU Application Forms in Ireland

The Irish Immigration Services has released updated application forms for EU Treaty Rights applications, along with accompanying Explanatory Leaflets. All prospective applicants for EU Treaty Rights are advised to utilize the new forms, as applications completed with the old forms were accepted until April 30, 2022 (postmarked by April 29, 2022). Subsequently, only applications submitted on the new forms are accepted, and any applications received on the old forms will be returned without processing.

Notable changes include two primary modifications across all forms: the incorporation of a Data Privacy Notice and alterations to the family members’ system. All forms now make reference to the Withdrawal Agreement, allowing relevant family members of UK nationals to apply for residence/permanent residence documents using the new forms, rather than the previously introduced Withdrawal Agreement forms.

Additional changes encompass:

  1. The EUTR5 Form (retention of the right of residence) has undergone a complete redesign, departing from the previous EU5 format.
  2. The EUTR4 Form (request for review) is also presented in an entirely new format, distinct from the previous EU4 version.
  3. The EUTR1 Form has been adjusted concerning inquiries related to certain qualifying family members (dependent children or parents).
  4. Various minor alterations applicable to most forms include revisions to document requirements. For instance, instead of requesting the P60 alone, an Employment Detail Summary is now required. Additionally, submitting certain public documents originating within the EU necessitates a multilingual standard form, eliminating the previous requirement for certified translation.